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CameraKits are made of water-proof fabric* on the exterior and feature a high-contrast fabric inside the case that helps you find things under low-light conditions. The inside walls have durable 2” loop strips that will hold up for people who wish to frequently re-configure the layout of the dividers. CameraKits use Switch Dividers and have the same durable 2” loop strips on the sides and fasten with hook material on the ends, meaning you can add as many dividers as you need to protect and organize your gear. CameraKits also come with a clear pocket on the inside of the lid for storing camera reports, color reference charts, the day’s call sheet, gum… The bottom insert of every case features 1/4” foam, and you have the option of ordering padded dividers if you need extra protection.

* Sort-It Cases are water-resistant but are not guaranteed to be waterproof