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Bigger CameraKit

Bigger CameraKit is the go-to case for camera assistants. It comes with three 11” dividers and one 4 1/2” divider, and extra dividers of various sizes are available to customize the fit for whatever you need to protect. It also is the only case that comes with a 10” x 15 1/2” clear pocket on the inside of the lid for storing camera reports, color charts, mattebox flags or whatever else you like – except kittens
because that would be wrong.

Not all milk crates are the same! There are lots of cases similar to the North American standard for milkcrates.

Bigger CameraKit is made to fit only one size of milk crate:
1 1/2’ x 1’ (18” length x 12” width x 10 1/2” height – inside dimensions)

*Milkcrate not included

*prices are in USD