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About Us

We are Canadian Made Crate Inserts

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The most-used case is the milk crate. The problem with milk crates are all those holes where little pieces rattle off your gear during transport, fall out the bottom and are lost – arg! Plus, milk crates are just boxes so you might have to root around to find what you’re looking for. So we thought “Hey, let’s design a case that fits in a milk crate! Awesome idea!”
Double Amaran Closed Sort-It Cases North America
Bigger BaseCase Blue Sort-It Cases North America
Switch Dividers for Sort-It Cases
Bigger BaseCase with Red Dividers Sort-It North America
Sort-It Cases are reinforced fabric inserts that fit in your milk crate and are customizable so you can organize and protect virtually anything. The outer skin is made of waterproof fabric* and the insides feature moveable dividers so you can create any layout you like to keep the contents protected and organized.
Every case is handmade with top-quality materials in Alberta, Canada, where we also enjoy eating bacon and watching hockey (but if we’re working on a movie then we listen to hockey).
Sort-It Cases Made in Canada
Case Materials for Sort-It Cases
Our cases can be used for industries other than the film business, so let your imagination run wild!