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Crate  Compatibility

Sort-It Cases are designed to fit into any “standard” dimension North American milk crate.

“Standard” milk crates come in two sizes: 1’ x 1’ (aka: 16 Quart) and 1.5’ x 1’ (aka: 24 Quart), with internal dimensions of 12” x 12” x 10.5” and 18” x 12” x 10.5” respectively.  NB: the height dimension varies slightly between manufacturers, and we recommend a minimum height of 10.5”.

Below is a list of milk crate suppliers that have historically met these specifications, plus a list of suppliers who have not.  If you have an issue where your Sort-It Case does not fit into the milk crate you have, please let us know so we can caution our customers by including that supplier on the Incompatible Crates list.

Regardless of the supplier, we recommend checking the internal dimensions of your milk crate before inserting your Sort-It Case.  Sort-It Cases does not guarantee the fit of any milk crate supplier, although in our experience having an incompatible crate is extremely rare.

To insert your Sort-It Case into a crate, first completely assemble your case, then place it into the top of the milk crate and, using two flat palms, push the case into the crate.  See the assembly instructions that came with your Sort-It Case or the following video for more information.

Thanks for using Sort-It Cases.  We appreciate it!

Crates that work

While we have found the following suppliers’ milk crates to be compatible with Sort-It Cases, we do not guarantee the fit of any supplier.

Possibly Incompatible Milk Crates

  • Milk Crates Direct

    While we are confident that Milk Crates Direct makes excellent crates, we’ve had one customer report that the internal dimensions of the milk crate they received from them was smaller at the bottom than at the top, making the fit too tight for Sort-It Cases. This was on a Bigger CameraKit which requires a 18″ x 12″ x 10.5” internal-dimensions milk crate.

    But if you want to try your luck go to

  • Dan

    Relatedly, I wanted to share some info that might be useful to your other clients. I bought six milk crates from only to discover that they are slightly off-spec from the classic crate, i.e., the interior dimensions as measured at the top of each crate are as expected (18.25 x 12″) but at the inside bottom of the crate are smaller (approx 17.75 and 11.5″). When I pointed this out to the maker (FarmPlast), they said, “All Injection molded parts have a degree downward towards the resin feed area. If this was not the case, the parts cannot be released from the mold cavity.”

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